Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Simple Life

I have got to stop popping off for the weekend - I mean it. I seem to spend so much time going on 'quick trips' and never get anything accomplished OR any work done. But, with the weather this past weekend in the mid eighties, clear blue skies and a September breeze, how could I pass up a trip to Amish country in Pennsylvania? Not the tourist kind of trip where you are obliged to take buggy rides and dress up in a bonnet but the kind where you get to drive around the farmland seeing acres and acres of corn, wheat and tobacco. Where Monday is wash day and the clothes drying on the line are fresh and crisp and sway gently in the breeze. Time has stood still in Lancaster, a better simpler time where children run around in bare feet, laughing and playing with their siblings. Where the only cars you see are from the tourists, where horse drawn carriages are the only means of transport and ~ where life is pure.

I felt so unbelievably humbled and privileged to be able to get these photos. It's very rare that the Amish allow this at all but I guess it was my lucky day and I was able to chat and laugh with this beautiful family, always being mindful not to outstay my welcome.

Onto a farm machinery auction! My poor husband drove me around for hours looking for real life events and boy did he hit the jackpot! Never did I realize that there would be so much choice! Not just farm equipment but hand cranked washing machines, buggy parts and office desks. I had a field day taking pictures there and no one minded - in fact they were trying to get in on the act!

We decided to stay over night in a charming little motel and then headed out Monday morning to see more of the breathtaking countryside. We were not disappointed - the weather was better than the day before and the cloud formations were unbelievable.

So now, of course, I want to be a photographer and travel the length and breadth of the states, snapping away at all of this beauty. Throw on my jeans and cowboy boots (I bought me some when I was in Nashville!), toss my equipment into the back of my truck (I actually own a chevy Aveo!) and take flight! I will have nothing to think about except my next destination and my long, blond hair (I have shoulder length brown hair) will flow like a river in the wind.
But for now I will just have to dream. Tomorrow I have the delight of sanding furniture all day, grocery shopping and laundry...but I always have my memories!

Wishing you a wonderful week everyone


  1. Those children are just darling, The country side looks just like where I live, lots of farms with old barns all around, The farm equipment isnt as quaint and everyone runs around in jeans and cowboy boots and cowboy hats, some still hang their clothes to dry on a line but their not Amish just country folk! LOL
    Great photos

  2. Hi Anji,
    thanks for the wonderful photos!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. What beautiful photos sweet friend!!! I love that you took time away to enjoy the wonderful weather....Your packaged arrived yesterday!!!!! Thank you so very much for sending me all of the beautiful paint colors!! And for the sweet magnets....you are so very kind to do this for me ~ so many gorgeous colors...I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week Anji, and thank you again!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Beautiful photos Anji. A simplified life indeed....

  5. What gorgeous pictures! There is large population of Mennonite people near where my dad lived in Missouri. I was always so fascinated to see their buggies along the interstate and there matching houses and lovely farms. I once went to an auction (there are always lots of auctions in the Ozarks) and was in a bidding war with a Mennonite mad over an old binding press. I won it but never used it and always felt guilty that he might have made better use of it than I did. I miss auctions and I miss the crispness of the countryside you describe. I'm a million miles away from it these days and so I truly loved this post!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hey Anji! Would love to see a pic of your shoulder length brown hair girl! You should watch that old vintage flic with Harrison Ford and the girl from Top Gun! Remember that film? Lovely photos and hope all well with you!

  7. Hi Anji,
    what wonderful photos.. I just love Amish country. The antique shops are to die for! Thank you for stopping by my corner of the world
    (Your home remodeling is fabulous!! Love the faux wall technique..)

  8. What a fascinating photo journey you have taken us on! I think we can learn more about our own diverse country, its beauty, people and its shortcomings as well on "quick" trips. Thank you for sharing this amazing slice of life!