Thursday, October 15, 2009

The weather is so miserable here today so I have decided not to do any 'real' work and just fiddle around on my computer. I have taken so many photos over the last few weeks it's been wonderful to be able just to play around with them all day even though my ancient computer was being extremely temperamental. Still - I think the results of these two images below didn't come out half bad! I will be adding them to my Red Bubble, Flickr, and Imagekind sites so if you would like to purchase either of them just jot me an e-mail.

Winds Of Change

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Upward and Onward!

I decided to leave the pity party that I held for my self Saturday night (no one turned up to that either!) and venture out Sunday morning and explore places in Virginia that I had not seen before. The first part of my exploration was to Sky Meadows National Park which I didn't realize was so close to my house in Gainesville. What a beautiful place! The weather could not have been better ~ a sunny, crisp, autumnal day ~ and the fall colours are just about ready to 'pop'. It was a rather steep hike to get to the overlook but so worth it. I now have aspirations to move to Sky Meadows with my tent, paints and canvases and paint with wild abandon all day! Unfortunately I don't think it is for sale.
This is the spectacular view from the top of the overlook

Ahhh... a perfect Sunday afternoon!

I then ventured on to Paris (yes - Paris,Virginia - no passport required!) a very small village (population 51) with some gorgeous, period houses and a very well known restaurant named The Ashby Inn. Not too much happening there so back onto route 50 and and few side roads later I found Upperville. I happened upon my dream house - a renovated church in the most picturesque setting - which again was not for sale. But we can always dream...

Can you imagine looking out at this view every morning! Pure bliss!

And one last photo op before I went home could I resist!

It's amazing that just a few hours outside, exploring your surroundings, can lift your spirits to no end and put a new spin on what is important in life - I'll be doing it more often.

Have a great week!