Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Count Your Chickens...

A New Day Dawns

And now it is suddenly January 24th and I did not, for one moment, stick to my new years resolution! I had every intention mind you, but things come along in life so unexpectedly and we are powerless to change them.
When I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti my first thoughts were 'how could this happen and what can I do to help'. I think everyone felt the same at the time but little did I realize that my husband would be whisked away to help with the relief effort - indefinitely. I am so glad that he had the opportunity to do his bit but I must admit (and I am being a bit selfish here) I am constantly worried about his safety. I feel that I have spent the last few months in a state of disbelief and this just adds to my state of mind. During the frenzy of trying to get him ready and on a plane, a very close friend of mine was taken seriously ill and was on life support. I spent a lot of time trying to contact her friends, letting them know her condition, as I felt they would want to send out some positive energy and prayers for her and her family. All I can say is that thank god, after three soul searching days - she woke up. She will be fine but she has a lot of recovering to do and a very long road to travel. I only hope that her family and friends will be allowed to travel it with her.
So, with all my good intentions out the window I think I will just have to come up with a new resolution. One that is very flexible and I don't feel guilty about if I break it! Maybe I will just learn to knit or crochet... on second thoughts.
I did manage to do some digital artwork during my week of mayhem and I must admit I am very chuffed with it. While I was back in the U.K. I managed to scan lots of old family photos and send them to myself via email for when I got back home. I then cropped and re sized and played around with the resolution and saturation and made them into a family tree. I started this project weeks ago and was so glad when I finally got around to finishing it last week. I think it is such a lovely keepsake for my family and is so much nicer than keeping those memories in a shoe box!
If enough people are interested I will try and write a tutorial on how to do it in Photo Shop but as you may have figured out by now - nothing ever really goes the way I plan it so don't hold your breath!


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Love Anji