Friday, August 20, 2010

Since my last post I managed to finish the flooring in my family/work room (a labour of love I can tell ya!) and fitted in a road trip to Galax Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, Virginia, Nashville, Tennessee, Cave City, Kentucky, and lots and lots of highway in West Virginia! What a fascinating vacation it was. I wish we had had more time in each location but we were on limited time as my son, Josh, is back to school next week. We went to Galax last year on a whim and had so much fun that we made a vow to try and visit each and every year we are in the states. I never knew I was into bluegrass until I moved here 3 years ago! Coming from London, I had a staple diet of David Bowie and punk rock growing up and never for the life of me did I ever think I would be tapping my feet and doing a little jig to a fiddle and banjo! I even bought myself a pair of cowboy boots while we were there, so I could 'fit in', but I think my British accent gave me away! I felt right at home regardless - music just seems to have that effect on people. I must have taken a 1,000 photos but I will post just a few and hope you get a feel of what it was like there.

If anyone lives near Galax, and even if you don't (!) try and visit next year - it is so worth it.

And one more thing for now - am I the only one who cannot figure out this new template thingymijig? I have completely messed up my blog page, spent the best part of two hours trying to upload pictures and get them to stay where I want them. And forget about trying to add LARGE images - they won't fit on the page! If anyone can offer ANY guidance it will be very much appreciated.
Have a great weekend!