Monday, July 5, 2010

...and another...

 I'm sure by now you are all a bit sick of seeing the work I have been doing over the last few months but just one more - maybe!!  
I loved doing this one.  Faux finishing is something I have done for years but it never bores me.  I love to see how some simple glazing can turn a plain space into a thing of beauty and interest.  This 'column' is in fact a toilet!  Still not sure why the builder placed it right in the middle of the kitchen/dining/living room but there you have it!  The owner and I decided it was best to make it a focal point rather than try and blend it into it's surroundings and I think it worked out just fine.  Below are pictures of all the steps it took to acheive this finish.  I'm not really sure if there is a posh name for it or not - I just call it gorgeous!  It eventually took four layers of glazing over the base coat but it was well worth the time as I think it gives it so much depth.


I hope you all had a great Fourth of July holiday.  It was scorching here in northern Virginia but at least it didn't rain.  I managed to get out and see the fireworks display at  Great Meadow and it was spectacular.  I'll definitely do it again next year.
Hoping you all have a great week ahead!