Thursday, December 2, 2010

I’m Back…!

…from my trip home to Peacehaven in east Sussex, England.  And peaceful haven it was not!  The weather was unbelievable: snow, bone chilling winds and a high of 30 degrees every day.  At least I was on the south coast which made for a much warmer climate than the rest of the U.K.   Those poor folks up in Scotland are housebound and oh how I remember that feeling of cabin fever from the snow storm we had here in Virginia last January.

All in all though, I had a wonderful time with my mum.  She is getting on in years now, 81 to be precise, and I worry about her so much.  Her health hasn’t been great of late and with the loss of my sister and nephew this time last year, things are taking a toll on her.  I just want to wrap her up in a big cozy blanket and make sure she is safe and taken care of.  I wish she lived closer so I could spend more time with her but as lifestyles are so different now from the ‘good ol’ days’ that probably will never happen.  I will just have to make more time in the coming year to visit as often as possible, finances permitting.

So it’s back to reality now.  Work for me starts again tomorrow and Christmas is quickly approaching.  I haven’t even thought about Christmas here yet as I had an overload of it in England!  Every high street was decked out in lights and garland and all the sales were in full swing.  I even put up the Christmas tree at my mum’s house a week ago!

Below are some pics I wanted to share with you all.  I am so lucky to have homes in such beautifully scenic locations even though they are so different from each other.  I never take that for granted.


The view at the end of the road from my mum’s houseblog5


The English channelblog13

Below is a view of the walk you can take from Newhaven (the cliffs in the background) all the way to Hove (about 20 miles) along the coast.  Very exhilarating!



Brighton Pier just before sunsethgh

…and Brighton Pier at sunsetblog88

And of course Brighton wouldn’t be Brighton without seagulls! blog133





Brighton Pavilion


And the sky as I left on Tuesday morning…


I will catch up on everyone’s blogs tonight.  I have been computer-less for over two weeks which was quite freeing I must say, but I did miss my nightly read!

Have a great week!

   xx Anji xx