Thursday, August 5, 2010

Needless Worry

 Oh to be a mother!  You spend your life worrying about how they will cope out in the real world: will they eat enough, wash behind their ears, set their alarm clocks so they are not perpetually late for everything, get their hearts broken, forget to put gas in their car, the list goes on and on... and then they come home with 6 months worth of laundry and stories about how hard it is to juggle class work and their social life - 'it's all so hard mum"!  But for the few weeks you have them home again in the summer, those moments of stress subside and you are grateful that they are safe and well and yours.

My boy Joshua

Josh is studying music at Bennington College, Vermont.  Much too far away from home in Virginia but what's a mum to do.  Below is a link to one of the songs that he wrote recently.  He  usually plays acoustic guitar but he let rip on his Les Paul electric for this track!  Take a listen when you get a chance - this ol' mum would greatly appreciate it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I scored again!

I have to share yet another unbelievable find - a shop in the middle of nowhere choc-a-block with treasures!  It was a complete fluke that it was open when my husband and I drove by at the weekend.  Bill, the owner, is the nicest guy and his shop is his passion.  He only opens on Friday's (sometimes!) Saturday's and the occasional Sunday.  He bought the property 10 years ago after his wife saw an ad in the local paper saying that the previous owner was retiring and selling the shop and all it's contents.  They had never done anything in the retail trade before but once they laid eyes on this property - well, that was it.  They both gave up their jobs and lovingly restored every floorboard, door, stair tread, completely rewired, updated the plumbing, and put in air conditioning.  Bill was so gracious in telling me the history of the property:  Originally the local tavern, it has undergone very few changes in its 150 years.  An amazing place to say the least.
If you're in the Virginia area - stop by - it will be well worth it!  And tell them Anji sent you

Highland Antiques and Collectibles
1618 Zachary Taylor Hwy
Mineral Va 23117

Hope your week is going well! 
Mine is as I, at last, have my son home from college in Vermont for a few weeks.  I missed him so much!  More on him in the next few days.  I will upload one of his new songs that will definitely get your foot tapping!