Thursday, August 5, 2010

Needless Worry

 Oh to be a mother!  You spend your life worrying about how they will cope out in the real world: will they eat enough, wash behind their ears, set their alarm clocks so they are not perpetually late for everything, get their hearts broken, forget to put gas in their car, the list goes on and on... and then they come home with 6 months worth of laundry and stories about how hard it is to juggle class work and their social life - 'it's all so hard mum"!  But for the few weeks you have them home again in the summer, those moments of stress subside and you are grateful that they are safe and well and yours.

My boy Joshua

Josh is studying music at Bennington College, Vermont.  Much too far away from home in Virginia but what's a mum to do.  Below is a link to one of the songs that he wrote recently.  He  usually plays acoustic guitar but he let rip on his Les Paul electric for this track!  Take a listen when you get a chance - this ol' mum would greatly appreciate it!


  1. Ok Anji!!! Josh is soooooo talented! I Love the song, the lyrics all of it. The guitar solo he has kicks rear:) I bought the mp3:) Love, Jamie

  2. Hi Anji,
    I agree with Jamie on this - and he is handsome too.Have a wonderful day,

  3. I have to say that I have listened to this song all night and I still just love it! Music that moves you is so rare and this is it!!!! Josh, honey, just keep doing what you are doing because is wonderful! Love, Jamie

  4. Let's me introduce myself.
    My name is Nan from Thailand, mother of Lebau,3 years old,
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  5. Wow, what an amazing young man and so talented. You must be so proud of him, he can definitely rock out on that Les Paul, i see a wonderful future for him!!

  6. Hey Angie,
    Good lookin boy! and a great song. Are we going to be seeing him on the next American idle? You never know!
    My sons name is Joshua too! too funny!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.
    Best of luck.
    hugs lynn

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Anji! My son went to music school in New York and now makes his living as a musician. Those were tough years though balancing letting go and being supportive of your young adult. Your son is quite talented and handsome- he too will find his way. An inspiring post!

  8. Oh Anji...What a beautiful young man Joshua is! And so very soulful and talented. You've done so well! Your heart must be swelling with pride. xxx

  9. Well, I can't say what I want to cuz you're his mom and I would offend you. Let's just say . . . very handsome and extremely talented and makes even the middle aged married heart swoon! (I really wanted to say he's a HOTTIE all around!) You must be so proud . . . I think you're in for a ride, mom!

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