Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sunday + husband + Ikea laminate flooring = Disaster!

Photos of finished project to follow probably next year
(all 338 square foot of it)


  1. Hi Anji! Home improvement projects are never easy!! I always say that they are a good test of how strong your marriage is :) :)

    Good luck finishing!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

    p.s. you asked about my bedroom color? Did you mean my actual bedroom {Brushed Steel by Dutch Boy from Menards} or the bedroom that is shown in Somereset Life?? If it is that one, I will have to dig around for the paint swatch as I don't quite remember the name of it...that is my daughter's bedroom.

  2. Ahhh friend...that sucks!!! Sometimes remodel jobs can be made to look so simple by the store videos or info from their staff...then you get it home & it's just you & hubby against this overwhemling impossible task. LOL I remember back 28 years ago to 1 of the biggest fights my husband & I had & it was over him not being able to put the crib together for our baby that was getting close to arriving. I kept looking at it & then looking at him saying "it just can't be that HARD!" LOL
    Wishing you luck...

  3. oh no - isn't that always the way....well, i'll be patient!

  4. It's always harder than it looks.

  5. Anji,
    Your post is so cute...You had me Laughing at the... Sunday + husband + Ikea laminate flooring = Disaster!
    and the finished or part finished floor :)
    At least you can joke about it.

    Thank you for your visit to my place and your over the top comment :)
    see you soon for another laugh :)

  6. Sounds familiar... we ended up hiring someone! Good luck.