Sunday, October 17, 2010


Don’t you just love it when you find a bargain?!  I managed to get my hands on this lovely buffet/sideboard thingy in Salvation Army on 25% off day.  It is solid wood which is unusual to find nowadays and even though it was in need of a bit of cosmetic surgery it was in good shape.  Not one to be deterred by that lovely thick, molasses type varnish, I took it home, sanded, primed, sanded, filled, sanded, painted and distressed it – and all in one day!  It now sits proudly in my work/family/basement room crammed full of my ‘stuff’.  I love my stuff!  My only problem now is that it is in the room where I attempted to lay laminate floor (with my impatient husband) which never really got finished!  And…now I don’t like the color I painted the room so I might have to change that.  Oh the perils of working in Benjamin Moore where you are constantly surrounded by hues of blue and grey and robins egg!  Giving color advise to others is easy but choosing for yourself, well, you know how that goes.


IMG_3654 IMG_3650





I have also been doing my usual workaholic routine and have had no time for anything arty.  But I did take some time off this weekend to enjoy having my son home from college for a few days.  It’s never long enough though but what’s a mum to do.

Below are some pictures of a platinum distressed ceiling I did last week and a silver/gold antiqued glazed chair.  I am pretty chuffed with the results.  The pictures don’t really do them justice but I think you get the idea.



IMG_3405 - Copy

IMG_3609 - Copy

Well that’s enough of tooting my own horn – just wanted to share.  I have been really bad at not leaving comments on my fave blogs and I apologize.  Time constraints and all that.  I will make up for it soon though, promise!

I hope you had a wonderful last few weeks?  The weather here in Virginia this weekend was un-be-liev-able!  Perfect temps, sun, and that wonderful autumnal feel in the air.  The leaves are finally changing to those beautiful hues of reds and gold's and I can’t wait to get out and take some pictures before it’s too late!  Of course I will be posting them as soon as I do.

Have a wonderful peaceful week ahead – XxX Anji