Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Power Of Mother Nature

It's been a quite busy and hectic week for me this week, what with a visit from my mother-in-law, lots of new work in the pipeline, and a lot of traveling to and from jobs. But I did manage to take some time for myself last Sunday and catch the last of the fall foliage on the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. From start to finish along Skyline Drive my jaw was on the floor. The beauty I was surrounded by was so breathtaking I ended up taking over 400 photos! Of course, not all of them came out the way I had anticipated but I had to share some of them with you.

Bountiful harvests of apples were everywhere

...and the light at the end of the day was heaven sent.

I suppose this will be the end of my foliage images. Every morning as I head off to work there seems to be less and less vibrancy on the trees and the nights draw darker so much earlier. But I am so glad that I was able to witness this beauty first hand and will cherish each and every image that captured mother nature at her finest.