Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a piece of artwork I made last year for all the mum's whose children are going off to college. It is inevitable that our babies will grow up to be independent, young adults and leave our nests to venture out into the unknown. All we can do is make sure their journey is safe and let them know they are loved.
A little piece of my heart is still empty today but I will fill that hole with thoughts of seeing my son Josh in the fall.
Please feel free to take this image and use it any way you want. Double click to enlarge it and right click to save.
Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful day!


  1. This is gorgeous Anji, Is it digital?

  2. Anji - your visit made me tear up! And then I came here and teared up again. This image is one of my all time favorites. My son is (thankfully in this case) not going away to college but my daughter can't wait to go next year. So much to say to you . . . don't know where to start. I have missed you. I feel like I've been away from people and art for a long, long time. I was so consumed with my own self pity I neglected everyone and everything around me and your loss has been so very incredible. I cannot imagine the heart ache you have endured. Unfortunately, suicide is something I am afraid we are dealing with here - in a way. It's hard to explain but we're suddenly thrown in it's shadow and trying to send it well out of sight. It's a very difficult time for us but it is pushing me to be better, stronger, happier somehow. Well, thank you for your thoughtful words - it really moved me to hear from you. I'm thinking about you and including you in my prayers - and your son too! Wishing him the best!

  3. Anji,
    You are way to kind, your words are poetic to my heart:)
    And you my girl deserve the same honor. Thank you dear one, keep inspiring us in doing what you do best:)

  4. This is just perfect! It says exactly what you wanted it to say.
    Very powerful image.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

  5. Oh your work is so beautiful and quirky and lovely...
    Lynn xxx

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