Sunday, August 29, 2010

Empty nest again!

I will eventually post some more pictures of my trip to Galax and Nashville but for now I wanted to add a few of my son Josh. He left for college in Vermont again today and it never ceases to amaze me how a little piece of my heart is broken every time he leaves. Each trip home seems shorter and shorter and I find myself wishing that he had chosen a school that was closer or never gone to college at all! I think that is the problem sometimes, only having one child, that it is so much more difficult to let go. But he arrived there safely tonight after his 9 hour drive and is happy to be back with his friends. I hope that this will be the best semester ever for him and I can't wait to see him again in the fall.
And to all you mum's out there who are feeling a little bit teary like me, just remember - you are not alone.

Hoping everyone has a great week ahead ~ Anji XxX


  1. What a loving Mom you are and oh how I relate to your 'longing'.
    These images are gorgeous Angi - they are so is all of your work - there is such a fragility that speaks to me of how sensitive your eye is.

  2. Hi Anji,
    beautiful images and your love shows through!

  3. Anji
    The second image leaves me sad as well, Its my Favorite. I to have one off to College (tear)
    Thank you dear one for your visit to my Sanctuary, I so enjoy your Sanctuary:)

    When you ever want a sign...I will customize one for you:)
    Take your time, you'll know when.
    see you soon dear.
    maybe an "empty nest" sign would suit us.

  4. I remember when we had to take our son Josh to get settled in at Collage in Arizona, I think I cried all the way home, and it was about a 16 hour drive and a few boxes of kleenex. Hugs to you and it gets easier over time.
    Those darn apron strings! Love your photos of Josh!

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