Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gone in a flash!

We were lucky enough to have Spring for 4 days here in Virginia - then it disappeared again! I did manage to get some photos of my rapidly fading tulips and thought it would be nice to share them with you just so we can all remember what Spring might look like again next year!

Hoping you all have a great week ahead...


  1. Gorgeous captures! Our tulips haven't bloomed yet. Just found your beautiful blog through Marsha (of TumbleFish fame). I've enjoyed my visit today and have bookmarked you so that I can return. Love your digi-art!!! Hugs, Terri

  2. Beautiful photos! Our tulips have barely come out of the ground here in the Midwest...but this week it finally feels like Spring!!!

    I wanted to thank you for leaving me such an incredibly nice comment last week {sorry it has taken me so long to come by}!!! Your kind words just made my day!!! THANK YOU!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  3. Anji, your photos are stunning!!! nothing is blooming here yet...*sigh*...thank you for the kind words you left for me, i do appreciate that so much!!!

  4. Well at least they bloomed! and looks like they were really Lovely! Were still getting snow, yuk!

  5. Hi Anji! Nice to hear from you again! Just wanted to say thanks for always being one of the first to leave a comment on my blog posts. I really appreciate it.
    Stella xx

  6. Hi Anji!

    Thanks so much for the visit, you are an incredible artist! So happy to have found you!


  7. Your work is just beautiful. Visiting your blog has been delightful.

  8. Beautiful photos- yes Spring has brought some lovely blooms here as well- but it has been a cold and windy time. Beautiful glimpse into your garden!

  9. Great post my friend!!! I love your blog & look forward to following you on life's many adventures!!
    Smiles & Hugs,