Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Is Hard!

It's been a busy week of ceiling painting, faux finishing and commuting and alas, not much time to do anything really creative. But I did manage to squeeze this artwork in this morning before going to work. You know, art really can be hard when you have no ideas running through your head and the weather is just blah and you are simply exhausted! I did have a wonderful weekend away with the 'girls' though last weekend and as soon as I get a chance to sort through my photos I will fill you in with some of the frolicking we got up to!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Adorable image, looking forward to hearing about your frolicking!
    Thanks foor your sweet words!

  2. Hi Anji, I happened by your blog today and found wonders here! Love your photos, art and the way you write too. A lovely blog to visit and follow.

  3. I saw this in flickr the other day and cannot remember if I commented or not. I just think you do such amazing work. I think you are really Maggie Taylor working under another name here. Anyway, I agree full heartedly (however you are supposed to spell that) - art is hard! But you make it look so easy . . . .

  4. Art is hard. And when it is hard it is at it's best. Hard Art means you really worked something out:) Love, Jamie

    That sounds like a slogan:) LOL!!

  5. This is sublime- so expressive and perfect in every way. Wonderful art- I totally feel like her all the time! Have a great weekend!

  6. Love this! Do you mind if I share it on my blog next week?

  7. Hi Anji. I posted this little lady to my list of fun links. Thanks!

  8. Hi Anji,
    Well, it may be hard but your work always shines so brightly, to me it's worth the wait!
    Thanks for the freebies. I downloaded 3 of them. I have a suggestion for you - if you name your free files with your name as part of them, then when people use them in their artwork, they will know exactly who to credit just by looking at the file name. Thanks again and hope you have a fun time with 'the girls'!

  9. I enjoy going through your blog - like spending an hour or so here and experiencing your many trips. I found your blog because of this delightful image as it appears in the Spring 2012 issue of the Somerset Digital Studio magazine. Thanks for sharing.