Friday, June 25, 2010

MIA - again!

Its been forever since I last did a post, I know, but I spend so much time reading and commenting on everyone elses blogs I don't have the enthusiasm to do my own! I will back track now to the end of March when I took on so much work I thought I would collapse! I am so fortunate to have such good friends who are willing to employ me, keep me fed and watered and put up with my complaining - you are such kindred spirits and you know who you are!  So, I will start with the bathroom renovation...
This was a major undertaking but well worth the effort. My dear friend Nena bought this house 10 years ago but had never lived in it due to traveling the world with her husband and family. A great investment but in dire need of some updates. So we chose to start with the master bathroom. Out came walls, vanities, toilets, laundry shoot and the like and in less than a month --- a bathroom fit for a king!! (or queen for that matter).

Below are the before and after shots.

 View from bathroom to master bedroom (no door!)


 We added a larger window to give more natural light to the room
We picked this up at ReStore (habitat for humanity) for a mere $80!

 A huge shower in place of the closet

 At last - a door!

 And a soaking tub - what more could you ask for?

 We purchased the double vanity with marble top from Craig's List for a song!  I striped the oak finish base and stained it in a mocha/coffee color then added new handles

 Separate thrown room!

 Seamless glass shower door - yummy! 

 We got the mirror from a thrift store.  It has beautiful carved oak leaves around the frame.  I sanded it and stained it to match the vanity.

I don't think these pictures do it justice as it is now such a beautiful room.  It has heated flooring, double headed shower, ambient lighting and faux finished walls.  But I hope you get the idea.
Nearly everything was purchased on the cheap.  Wall and floor tiles from Home Depot, light fixtures ,faucets, towel rails, shelving from Lowes, and most of the accessories from thrift stores!
It was an absolute pleasure working with Nena - she is the sweetest person in the world!  And she kept me fed and watered throughout this whole renovation!

Lots more of my other 'projects' to follow soon.
Hoping you have a wonderful fun filled week



  1. I'm very impressed. I love that you can scrounge around and find stuff. Come spend the winter here next year!! ;-)

  2. Anji - you should have a show on HGTV. Gorgeous work. Thanks for putting up the pics.

  3. The new bathroom is FABULOUS! That shower is to die for. DH is talking about a bathroom redo next year and your fabulous shower is exactly what he is thinking....

  4. No kidding - COME on over! I want to redo three bathrooms. I LOVE the mirror and the valance treatment on the window. The tiles are perfect and the seamless glass yes - how could it be anything but! And poor Neena, having to travel the world.... LOL - Anji - so much fun to look at these - please don't stop posting on your blog!