Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing Ventured...

Welcome to Distractions - Come join me on my journey of discoveries and distractions that may not all be wonderful but are never dull!
I decided to eventually start my blog after months of soul searching, reviewing millions of other blogs, loving every one of them, realizing that blogging is such a great tool to share our ups and downs, pitfalls and triumphs, and a wonderful way of meeting kindred spirits.

So, where to begin? I have been dabbling with photo shop for about 8 months now and discovered that it was easier than I first thought. I became a bit addicted and spent hours creating images of all the ideas I had stored away in my brain for years! I was amazed at the response I received after joining Flickr, Red Bubble, and Imagekind, (all of which are sites for artists to showcase their work on line) that my confidence in my art grew. I then saw an add last week on Craig's List asking for artists to display their work in a new coffee shop that had just opened in my area. "Aha!" I thought "free advertising" and off I went to the printers to get my work printed out. I have spent the last week (in between working) cutting and gluing, framing and matting and on Thursday I hung all my work on the coffee shop walls. Today was my 'showing' and how excited I was at the anticipation of actually selling something. And wouldn't ya know it - nothing! Not even one inquiry, zilch, nada.
There's always tomorrow I guess... or maybe I'll just stick to the day job!


  1. Congrats to you for putting your art our there! I look forward to seeing more of your work. You always inspired me - cheers! Beth H.

  2. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG!!! I agree with Beth H. You are an inspiration. I'm going to blog about your blog. Love, love

  3. I'm sure that the 0 sales was a reflection of the viewers and NOT of your talent. Your work is fabulous!