Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finding time…

Well, it is yet again the end of another week.  A week that just flew by in a whirl with work, work, and work.  Absolutely NO time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the simple things.  You know, when I get time to read some of the wonderful blogs out there, I am so very envious.  How I wish I had time to go off and see all the ‘junque’ shows, all the creativity and camaraderie that so many people have through blogging.  I wonder to myself  ‘will I still be working when I am 70 years old just trying to make ends meet?’  I like to think that I am a humble type, not really wanting material things from life, not fame or fortune, just a tiny slice of that pie.  That big, fat, juicy pie that some people get to eat everyday.  I feel like I am always stuck on the ‘soup and salad’ course and occasionally get to the entree - but never to dessert!  It’s time to put things into perspective I guess – time to choose exactly what it is I want from life, time for some reflection.  But maybe all I am really looking for is ‘time’.  If I ever get enough of it, I will try and figure out a way of bottling it, and I will adhere a beautiful hand written label that says ‘use wisely’.

Time Flies By....

So until I figure that out I will wish you all a happy and healthy week.

Until next time…


  1. Anji,
    Thank you so much for the visit and the comment,
    Cannot wait to see what you do next. I just love all the talent over here as well.
    I will be also excited to see what you do with your treasure Salvation army buffet piece. There is never mistakes with shabby, perfectly imperfect means added charm.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really LOVE your artwork. You are a very creative soul.

    Great big smiles,

  3. Hi Anji,
    Oh, I hear ya!
    There really does never seem to be enough time. Ever! I almost didn't make the trip to Warrenton this past week, because there is just soooo much going on. But in the end, I just had to make time. There are friends there I only see twice a year, after all.

    Anji, you are so insanely talented, you WILL be getting that big old chunk of pie, I just know it!


  4. Thank you Anji for ALL the kind comments you left about Dad's album. I enjoyed re-living all the memories. Time - food for thought here. Perhaps it is not necessarily about time but finding the correct balance between what we need and want. Food for thought hmmmm.... Lovely collage.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments...when you solve your current dilemma PLEASE let me know...just how? as I have the same mysterys ha ha xxxx
    Hugs Lynnxxx

  6. Hello Anji,
    you are absolutely right - time just seems to fly by.I love your time collage!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Anji,
    Wow what a post! sometimes life makes you stop everything your doing and reflect on whats important, I remember hearing something about first God gives you a nudge, then a whisper, then smacks you right upside the head and makes you listen. I guess I'm listening now! LOL just not quite sure what he's telling me?
    and hey I Love soup and salad!
    hugs Lynn

  8. Anji,
    You are big in your expressing your art and words. Never read a word you see infront of you, but read the words between the lines :) we all hear you, and the ones that don't hear you are not listening to there own inner self. I so wish I had time, time well spent, rewarding time for me is spent with my daughter and myself creating something from something no one else that had value!
    Love your inspiration, and you add so much to it.

    Thank you for your beautiful words over at my place, I too am looking forward to the entree' You know what Anji, maybe the salad is our entree' maybe were just salad kind of girls, "nothing more and nothing less"