Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Freebies for you

I have had a lot of spare time on my hands over the last 5 days due to the blizzard of 2010 (the new official name for the snow storm we have just had!) and have not been able to get out of the house. It gave me a chance to go through the numerous old photos I have been collecting forever an I thought I would share some with you. Please feel free to use them in your artwork or for anything else. I would love to see what you do with them!

Left click to view large, right click to save

I'll post some more tomorrow.

P.S. If anyone has a tip on uploading more than one picture at a time could you please let me know. I have tried to do it so many times and it never works - thanks!


  1. Hi sweet Anji!!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful photos ~ I love them! I hope you are staying warm and cozy in this snowy, cold weather....Your husband is such an angel for helping in Haiti, and you are so very right, what a testament of true love!!! Wishing you a great week ahead, hugs and love, Dawn

  2. I am loving the photos! I work in a different medium but I love looking at old photos! There is just something about the clarity of the subject's eyes...and the care that was taken in making each photo.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Thank you for leaving a comment everyone - I will post some more images for you tomorrow! Honestly!

  4. Wonderful old photos! Love your artwork!

  5. Hey about loading more than one pic at once:
    I think that if you upload to the online picasa you can upload with the url. Might want to try it, I'm sorry I haven't tried it yet, but that's my best suggestion :)

  6. Hey Anji! Thanks for the info about Groove Shark-I can't wait to check it out :)

  7. Wonderful photos! So nice of you to share