Friday, January 15, 2010


The Lights Are On But No One's Home

Well it seems the last time I posted was way back in November and oh what a horrible few months it has been since then. My sister Sue had been ill for quite a long time but I never expected the call I received on November 21. She had slipped into a coma and was not expected to last through the week. I immediately took a flight to the U.K. but did not make it in time. She passed away whilst I was flying. The following day was one I am still in denial about - her son Ben (my nephew) took his own life. The thought of living life without his mum was too much for him to bare. This has had such a profound affect on me and the rest of my family. When something like this happens it leaves you cold, wondering if there was anything you could have done or said. Since my return to the states in late December I have found it hard to focus on much of anything really, but know that life must go on and I try and console myself in the fact that they are both at peace and in a much happier place. I could spend my days wondering 'what if?' but I have chosen to be thankful for having these loved ones in my life and to have had the privilege of knowing them. I will hold dear the wonderful memories we shared; giggling under our bedsheets every night in the room we shared, staying up way too late and watching scary movies, the excitement of when Sue announced she was pregnant, the birth of Ben, picnics in the park on lazy Sunday afternoons, shopping till our feet ached, and so many other wonderful events we shared in our lives. I am one of the luckiest people on earth.

New Direction

It is hard to say that I will start afresh this year ~ but I will try. I plan on creating a lot more artwork and not worry about housework. Eat things I love and not things I should. Cry when I feel like it and not hold it in. Pay it forward as much as I can. And I will try and update my blog more often even if no one reads it!
I will be sharing a lot of tips on all the things I get my hands into; furniture refinishing, faux finish paint techniques, interior decorating, painting, and numerous other projects that I love to do. So stay tuned (you one fan you!) as I may be posting something you have always wanted to know about.
But for today I will just upload a few of the digital art pieces I have worked on since I arrived back.


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful new year ahead.



  1. I am so sorry for all that you've been through. I send thoughts and prayers your way with hopes of an easier 2010 for you.

  2. Anji I think your New Direction sounds like just what you should be doing right now. I am so so sorry for the loss of your Sister and Nephew. I am here when you need to talk and here when you need to be silent. Arting helps and you have such an incredible ability to transfer your thoughts into beautiful art. So art and begin to follow your New Direction. Much Love, Jamie

  3. Kells and Jamie - thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to look at my blog. I appreciate it so very much.

  4. Going thru the hard times makes us more reflective and strangely, more creative. Your latest creations are among your best. You have your family to thank for that. You are a lucky gal and I'm lucky to count you as one of my best buds. Can't wait to see you in the mountains, my friend.

  5. Hi Anji, so courageous of you to share this tragic time in your life...I don't know how I'd be if I lost people so close to me. Your blog is a way of expressing anything you feel, good or bad. I look forward to more posts and tips, and more about you and the wonderful life you have led. Thank you for being the lovely, friendly, sweet person that you are. Take care.
    Stella x

  6. Oh my Angi... I can't imagine the shock and sorrow you've had to endure ...words can't express.